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September 2017

Newsletter Articles

Principal’s Ponderings

Welcome to the end of Term Three

We have had a productive term with Enrolments remaining steady, the budget remaining steady and very exciting activities completed or about to commence.

Thank yous:

A special thank you for the wonderful work that the Home Tutors, Mums and Dad did to feed the hungry hoards at the Western Alliance Multischool in Longreach last week. With the added toing and froing from the Hostel to the LoSDE quarters, we appreciate your time and effort to ensure the students, staff and helpers were nutritionally fed and looked after.

Thank you to the Charleville Chaplain who came to our aid as a second bus driver at short notice. Les, your support is very much appreciated.

Thank you to Jack, Renae and Kim for the organisation and smooth running, and to the teachers who plan, pack and travel and who make the most of every minute with our students.

These activities bring us together for fun and sharing of experience and builds on relationships.

Thank you to Trish Nolan and her able band of helpers for another smoothly run, action packed Sports Muster. Also to Zoe Farrer, Micarla Byrne, Alex Kirby (and Leonie Herwig from a distance) for the Arts and Crafts and cooking displays and judging. Again our welded structures that bring a little from the families’ homes are growing in number in our grounds.


There have been some changes in staffing:

Leah Thomas commenced as a Teacher Aide on Monday the 7th August and is supporting students in classes.

Transfers have been applied for and we should know by the end of this term where our successful transferees are going. We may know some incoming however, final staffing for 2018 may take some time into Term Four.

New Assistant Regional Director:

During this year our Region (Darling Downs South West) has undergone a change. To better support Principals with the planned improvement for all students achieving “at least one year’s growth for one year’s schooling” the region has appointed another Assistant Regional Director. Reid Thompson is now our ARD. Reid is based in Roma which makes his visits to his schools and our work with him more convenient in travel and time. His first visit to us is on Monday 7th August.

Remember that the process for concerns in our school has two parts: the “Resolutions Flow Chart” sent to all families at the beginning of the year and the “Complaints Management Procedure” which has been updated and accepted at the August Management Meeting. Reid, as our ARD is the person to email, phone or write to when you have an issue that has not been satisfactorily dealt with by me at the school level. Reid’s contacts are below.

Roma T: 4572 6511; F: 4572 6555
Cnr. Feather & Mayne Streets, Roma, QLD 4455
PO Box 456, Roma, QLD 4455

School Opinion Survey:

Thank you for making time to fill out this on-line survey. We have had the best response from students and parents in my time at CSDE. The information collected will help our school to better understand students’, parents’ and staff opinions about our school. All opinions are confidential and are used for discussion in Management Meetings and in further planning for growing our school.

Student Computer Hire Scheme:

We have ordered five laptops and when we have the appropriate documents for signing, these will be offered for families to hire. This is for Geographically Isolated students. More information will be shared as we have it.

Playground shade cloth:

The structure has been ordered and will be erected as soon as the builder can fit it in. It is a joy to see students on the playground when they are visiting the school.

Management Meeting:

The minutes of the August meeting will be distributed as soon as they are completed, along with feedback on the other documents that were ratified, and the work done on building a culture of wellbeing.

Wishing you all a wonderful end of term, the students and staff on camp at Garapine a fun filled, exciting week and to everyone a happy day!

Yours in Education


From the Deputy’s Desk

As this the last newsletter for the term, I have lots to share!

Cluster Musters

The Term 3 Cluster Musters in Mitchell, Quilpie, St George and Charleville were very well attended. Thank you to both parents and staff for their commitment to this field event. Mitchell had 17, Quilpie – 16, St George – 27; and Charleville – 27 students.


Parents should have received their Student Report by now. Please let me know if this has not been received.


The Term IV Minischool planning is currently underway. Invitations will be sent to parents via email and post in the very near future.

Western Alliance Multischool

26 Charleville secondary students attended Multischool in Longreach early August. Accommodation was in a local hostel with classes at Longreach SDE. Extra-curricular activities included visits to the Qantas museum, and the Stockman’s Hall of fame. A big thank you to the parents and govies who helped in the kitchen. Thank you Di Hansen for coordinating the helpers and the very tasty menu. It was not an easy job catering in two locations (Hostel and Longreach SDE). Thank you also to the parent helpers and governesses who assisted in the kitchen.

Western Alliance Careers Camp

We currently have 20 students attending the WA Camp in Townsville and Magnetic Island. Thank you to P&C ($40 per student) and Student Council ($300 for subsidising the Camp), therefore bringing down the cost to families. Families have been emailed the information as well as being on notices. Students will be two days in Townsville visiting various organisations including the Army base, and spend three days on Magnetic Island. Travel will be by coach. Pick up/drop off points will be emailed to parents when the bus company arrangements have been finalised. Thank you for your forms.

Annual Camp Yrs 3-6

Thank you to the P&C and the Student Council for subsidising the camp, totalling $55. We currently have 46 students attending camp, accompanied by six teachers (Mrs Simmons, Mrs Allen, Mrs Washbrook, Miss Cooper, Mrs Itzstein, and Ms Jenyns). Mr Brendan Harrison is the parent volunteer. Lots of fun evening activities such as “Minute to Win It”, Karaoke and a Disco have been planned by the teachers. This a wonderful opportunity for teachers and students to build on their relationships. Thankyou parents for your patience waiting for the bus information and for the quick return of the forms. Remember to supply food in disposable wrapping and containers for the trip to Garapine on the Monday. Garapine are packing our morning/afternoon teas as well as lunch for the trip home on Friday.

MSP Photography

Photographs taken by MSP Photography have had their initial proofing (which is why I missed out on Tug-o-war during Sports Muster!).

Leadership Program

These are the final weeks for the Leadership Program, which is preparing all students for leadership and our future leaders of the school for their role and responsibilities. We have 10 Year 5 students, and three Year 9 students undertaking the program. In the next few weeks they will be writing their speeches and honing their oral presentation skills for their School Leader Speech Presentations on Wednesday 4th and Thursday 5th October. Voting will be online. Details on the process will be distributed at the beginning of the week of presentations.


PLO Prattle

Congratulations to KANYANNA on a great win at Sports Muster and well done to my team Narungi for being sporting opponents. We were fortunate with fantastic weather for the two days. I had many productive conversations with parents and Home Tutors.

Another article from Michael Grose which I’m sure we can all relate to at times:


Resolving conflict between siblings, between you and your children, or you and your partner requires skill, subtlety and self-control.

It means that you need to have a range of responses at your fingertips rather than just rely on one or two strategies.

Here are 5 emotionally-intelligent responses that you can call on to de-escalate family and sibling conflict:

1. Stay calm

When emotions are charged in a group, the leader will be the person who stays calm. Families are no different. Emotions can be charged. This is the time for parents to stay calm. Use a low, ‘Green’ tone of voice when you talk with kids. Your calmness is essential to de-escalate anger.

2. Use open-ended questions

Ask open-ended questions to encourage others to share their feelings about a situation. Say, “How can I help?” instead of “You seem angry”. Children and young people are calmer when they are teaching or explaining rather than being patronised.

3. Hear the feeling rather than see the behaviour

Empathise with children’s feelings without accepting their behaviour. There is nothing better than being understood so when they are upset try statements like “You have every right to be angry about that.” Avoid addressing the behaviour at this point. Choose a time when everyone is calm and ready to listen to talk about better ways of behaving.

4. Use selective listening

In the heat of the moment children and young people, like parents, will often say things they don’t mean. It’s easy to respond to the heated “I hate you” or other insults while ignoring the original problem when a child yells “You never listen….” Try clarifying by saying, “It seems that the last time we spoke wasn’t great for you.” Show interest, take the wind from their sails by agreeing, and don’t try to respond to everything someone says in anger.

5. Focus on facts, not emotions

Many people (adults and children) don’t respond well when they are second-guessed. “Why are you so angry?” invites the response “NO, I’m NOT!” Instead say, “What happened that caused you to be upset?” Be sure to compliment children when they resolve relationship problems calmly and control their own emotions, demonstrating the impact that their positive behaviour has had on you. Conversely, compliments such as - “Thanks guys for resolving this problem quickly and calmly. I appreciate it”- remind kids about the emotional impact their negative behaviour also has.

How great is the sportsmanship? Team colours don’t matter just great friendships.

Enjoy the remainder of Term 3, roll on Term 4 with exciting opportunities ahead.


Curriculum Corner

Prep is looking at changing!

In the last two years, I have been trying to find a way to access improved Prep resources for our students based on your feedback. And guess what!? I think I might have found it! I am not sure that it fixes all of the concerns, but I’m confident it is a step in the right direction.

At Management Meeting prior to Sports Muster, I presented the mainstream classroom materials. The feedback was positive and parents were keen to see it happen. However, there are a few considerations re variances:

  1. They are segregated units (like other primary units) – including English, Maths, Science, History, Geography
  2. The sequence of the lessons seem better, particularly for maths
  3. The lesson content seems much clearer for parents to deliver
  4. There are links to the Australian Curriculum

Some of the lessons are quite similar and don’t have many changes at all. I have however done a Pros & Cons list…



Will align more easily for multi-age families –

  1. the overview should allow for Sciences, History etc. to be done in line with Year 1 & 2
  2. Timetabling

Only 4 units

(Zoe/HOD would need to consider how to split this into 5 week units or for digital scrapbooks to be created for faster feedback)

Timetabling will be easier because families will know that there is 2 hours of English, 1 of Maths (etc.) without relying on the mix of sessions

Letters, sounds and reading will need to be written as a separate booklet/program. Most of this is done on-air at the moment, but what do we have for students who are paper-only?

Reading Centre is currently working on a teaching Reading Program for Home Tutors

An easier transition into Year 1 as the structure of the day will be the same

How will play be incorporated?

Geography to be included as part of the Prep Materials

History seems underdeveloped so still looks like 2015 materials– will investigate why

Better clarity of lesson structure and instructions

It is really going to be a matter of “let’s give this a go and see”. This will help us work out whether there is anything else that we have not managed to consider.

However, I’m interested in hearing your thoughts. If you have done Prep recently and would like to provide feedback, either for or against, please email me: I am also happy to email examples of both lessons for comparison if you’d like to know more.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts!


Zoe Farrer
Head of Department – Teaching and Learning

Curriculum Room

Term 4 unit papers & backup discs will be sent out through the pigeon holes in week 9. Prep term 4 resources will be posted out in week 8 via the pigeon holes.

If you have not done so already can you please send in your Semester 1 red bag so that they can be checked in and resourced ready to go out in late term 4 for the 2018 school year. Secondary students please return any resources that you no longer require for this year.

Teaching and Learning Library


What pops to mind when you read these words: Vocabulary Instruction? What practices do you currently use in your classroom to teach vocabulary? Most parents and Home Tutors I’ve spoken to recently have said “telling them the meaning of the word” or “asking them to look it up in the dictionary”. Whilst there are many indirect ways of teaching vocabulary to students, more often than not, they need frequent, repeated and explicit instruction to build a robust vocabulary.

Vocabulary refers to the words we must understand to communicate effectively. Educators often consider four types of vocabulary: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Listening vocabulary refers to the words we need to know to understand what we hear. Speaking vocabulary consists of the words we use when we speak. Reading vocabulary refers to the words we need to know to understand what we read. Writing vocabulary consists of the words we use in writing.

Vocabulary plays a fundamental role in the reading process, and contributes greatly to a reader's comprehension. A reader cannot understand a text without knowing what most of the words mean. Students learn the meanings of most words indirectly, through everyday experiences with oral and written language. Other words are learned through carefully designed instruction.

What the problem looks like from:

A kid's perspective: What this feels like to me

Children will usually express their frustration and difficulties in a general way, with statements like "I hate reading!" or "This is stupid!" But if they could, this is how they might describe how their vocabulary difficulties affect their reading:

  • I heard my friend tell what happened in the movie but I didn't really understand what he said about it.
  • I feel like I just use the same words over and over again in my writing.
  • I don't like to read on my own because I don't understand lots of the words in the book.

A parent's perspective: What I see at home

Here are some clues for parents that a child may have difficulties as a result of his or her vocabulary:

  • She's unable to tell about her day in a way that makes sense.
  • She misuses common words.
  • He doesn't link words from a book to similar words from another book or from real life.
  • He's often not able to find the right word to describe something.

A teacher's perspective: What I see in the classroom

Here are some clues for teachers that a student may have difficulties as a result of his or her vocabulary:

  • She has questions about a lot of word meanings in a grade appropriate text.
  • He seems to have a weak vocabulary.
  • She is not able to make connections among words in various texts.
  • He's often not able to find the right word to describe something.

What we can do to help at school

  • Help build language skills in class by playing oral and written word exercises and games.
  • Teach students about the important, useful, and difficult vocabulary words before students read the text. This will help them remember the words and improve comprehension.
  • Offer students many opportunities to encounter target vocabulary words beyond the context in which they are taught.
  • Have students use taught vocabulary words often and in various ways both orally and in writing so they are better able to remember the words and their meanings.
  • Teach vocabulary via explicit instruction and also through independent readings.
  • Help students learn to use context clues to determine the meanings of words. Teach them that some context clues are more helpful than others and provide examples of helpful and less helpful clues.
  • Read to your class each day. When the book contains a new or interesting word, pause and define the word for your students. After you're done reading, engage your students in a conversation about the book.
  • Engage your students in conversations every day. If possible, include new and interesting words in your conversation.
  • Explicitly teach the meanings of common prefixes, roots, and suffixes.
  • Draw students' attention to common roots in a variety of words (for example, the similar roots and meanings of the words vision, visual, visible, invisible) and lead a discussion of the meanings of the words and how they tend to be used.

At Minischool next term, I will be running a practical and hands on session around how to teach vocabulary.

We will be using the S.T.R.I.V.E structure which has been developed by Speech Pathologists. I have done this session with some of the Home Tutors already through Drop-In sessions but I’m hoping the face-to-face session will allow for more practical ideas and will further extend what we’ve already discussed. I would highly recommend staying for this practical session as you will walk away with some practical and easy tools to help build your student’s vocabulary.


Zoe Farrer
Head of Department – Teaching and Learning

Digital Discoveries

eLearn App Update

Blackboard Mobile Learn, used to access eLearn courses, is no longer supported or available in app stores.

It has been replaced by two apps – Blackboard (available now) and Blackboard Instructor (available soon for use by DET staff) apps.

The Blackboard app will only display courses that users are participants of and is available via the link below:

Once installed remember to look for ‘Learning Place’ as your school to get started.

Web Conferencing App Update

The Blackboard Collaborate app (version 1.1.4) is not compatible with the iOS 11 update (an update to apple mobile software). Blackboard is working on a resolution.

If you already updated to iOS 11, you will not be able to use your apple device to log into sessions. You will need to log in using desktop computers, laptops or android device until the issue has been resolved.

Remember, the Web Conferencing App is only used in extreme circumstances as it doesn’t allow all the interactive features students require in a lesson. It is mainly used for watching recordings of lessons missed.

Microsoft Office 2016 Free

Students of Charleville SDE are able to access a free copy of Microsoft Office 2016 via Education Queensland. This provided students with the latest version of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and Outlook. To access your copy contact the school technicians for a copy on CD or visit the link below:

iPad App of the Month: Tiny Scanner

Tiny Scanner is an app (for both Apple and Android) that turns your phone or iPad into a scanner! Scan pages of school work, documents, photos, receipts, or just about anything.

Batch mode combines multiple scans into a single PDF that you can send to the teacher by email or by wifi or direct connection to your computer.

Graphics Tablets – What are they?

A graphics tablet, also known as a pen tablet, is an input device that can be used in replace of or in conjunction with a mouse. They are primarily used by digital artists, though many non-artists use them as well. Graphics tablets have a hard plastic, touch-sensitive drawing surface that transfer mouse movements to the connected computer. The positon of the stylus (special pen) directly correlates to the position of the cursor on the monitor of the computer. This allows the user to write with a pen onto the screen.

From the Technician’s Table: Need Help?

If you are having trouble with log on details, access problems, computer or headset issues or just want some advice we are here to help you. . .

School Technician – Bill Grant: or 07 4656 8909

For all phone and headset issues and problems with computers.

Digital Learning Facilitator – Sam Owczarek: or 07 4656 8915

For advice or help with using programs or tools on the Learning Place (including eLearn, Student Space and Blogging).

Give us a call or send an email.

Showcasing Student Work

The students of Year 7 Technologies who attended the Western Alliance Multischool in Longreach recently worked on mini design challenges, including designing and making an ‘egg drop’ container that would protect an egg from breaking when dropped from a height. There were many tense moments as the eggs were dropped and we only lost one.

The Egg Drop

Check out the latest blog posts:

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Games Blog

Do you love gaming? Why not join Mr Wicks on his blog to discuss all your gaming tricks and tips.

Girl Guides

Did you know that Charleville School of Distance Education has its own Girl Guide Unit? The 2nd Charleville (Lone) Guides is an official part of Girl Guides Queensland. In 2017we will continue Girl Guide sessions on Tuesday afternoons at 3:00pm.

Our weekly sessions (subject to leader availablility during field events) are run as an on-air session using Web Conferencing. The girls learn about the World of Guides, they strive for badges, help out in their community, have fun and fellowship, and meet during Field Events if possible.

Email Mrs Sam O on if you would like to join and application forms and information will be forwarded to you.

Annual Promise Ceremony

Eight of the 2nd Charleville Lone Guides joined the 1st Charleville Guides for the District’s annual Promise Ceremony. It has become tradition that the two units get together once a year allowing all the Guides to either renew their Promise or make their Promise for the first time showing their commitment to Girl Guides.

This year was made even more special with several of our staff renewing their Promise from when they were girls. As leaders, Mrs O and Ms Alison Simmons renewed their Promise to show their continued commitment to the Guiding movement. Mrs Jenny Swadling joined her daughter and granddaughter to renew their Promise together as a family, while Mrs Helen Cook and Ms Sarah Norquay renewed their link to Girl Guides at the ceremony.

BRAVO to all the Guides and SDE staff!

P & C News

The P&C still have a Minutes Secretary position vacant. If anyone is interested, please contact Brie Boyle or Michelle McInnerney. The P&C is a great group to work with, you will never feel alone. It is also a great chance to get involved in the school and work together to make anything possible.

Sports Muster


Hope everyone enjoyed their time at Sports Muster. It was a great event. A huge thank you to the Sports Muster committee for organising it all!

Thank you to Leith for the Student Lunches and to the CWA for providing the canteen.

I would like to thank everyone for all your help towards the P & C smoko challenge, cent sale, BBQ and all the jobs that people helped out with over the couple of days.

Sue and I were amazed at the contributions towards the Smoko Challenge. We had a lot of fantastic food provided and a great opportunity to catch up with you all! Congratulations to the Parents on winning this year!

To Paula and her numerous amazing helpers… Thankyou! Thank you everyone for all the donations to make the cent sale a success. The prizes were great, hope most of you had a win!

Thank you to Eunice & Di for again organising the S&U stall and the Pie Drive. Your help each year is greatly appreciated!

Thank you to all the P&C members for all of your help and support. Many hands make light work and gives a chance for everyone to get involved.

Battery Drive

This is constantly ongoing. If you have any old batteries lying around at home, contact Anne-Marie and Gregg - A lot of money has been raised for the P and C through the battery drive.


We are always looking out for ways to fund money to assist our students, families and the school. If you hear of any grants, please contact Christy Bredhauer -



If you have not been receiving the documents for the meetings, your membership is not current for 2017. Membership is free. Please complete the form and send to the secretary.

Sports Muster Results

RFDS Winning House Shield

Kanyanna 1038 points

Rotary Runner Up House Shield

Narungi 835 points

Adopt-a-cop Awards:-

Prep - Yr 2 Drawing

Mitchell McInnerney

Yr 3 – 6 Drawing

Jaylee Smith

4VL On Air Sports Quiz:

Kanyanna 405 points
Narungi 340 points

March Past Winning House


Art & Craft Competition

Kanyanna 572
Narungi 269

Lower primary age group winner

Zoe Hurford

Lower primary encouragement winner

Oscar Tully

Upper Primary age group winner

Logan Flynn

Upper Primary encouragement winner

Lily Allen

Secondary age group winner

Renae Hubbard

Secondary encouragement winner

Kristy Hansen

People’s Choice Art & Craft Winner

Phoebe Bryant 2D Mixed Media

Family Iron Work Challenge Winner

Goddard Family

Track & Field Age Champions:-

8 Yr girls

Zoe Hurford 36 points

8 Yr boys

Micah Shultz 40 points

9 Yr girls

Phoebe Bryant 48 points

9 Yr boys

Flynn Glasson 38 points

10 Yr girls

Lillie Brand 54 points

10 Yr boys

Nathan Phillips 38 points

11 Yr girls

Claire Freshwater 50 points

11 Yr boys

Beau Campbell 46 point

12 Yr girls


12 Yr boys

Logan Flynn 46 points

13 Yr girls

Jessica Wilson 48 points

13 Yr boys

Adrien Mayfield 56 points

14 Yr girls

Charlotte Brand 56 points

14 Yr boys

Cameron King 38 points

Open girls

Savannah Blacket 54 points

Open boys

Bill Brand 52 points

Toowoomba Grammar School Team Spirit Award Winner: Janica Glasson for participation, demonstrating team spirit and sportsmanship.

New Records:

Beau Campbell

800m 11 yr boys

2 mins 48 secs

Cooper Campbell

800m 8 yr boys

3 mins 17.41 secs

Laura Hoch

800m 8 yr girls

3 mins 43 secs

Jessica Wilson

200 m 13 yr girls

31.41 secs

Bryce Pampling

Discus 8 yr boys

15.3 metres

Ethan Gordon Bond

Discus 12 yr boys

23.59 metres

Flynn Glasson

Shotput 9 yr boys

7.11 metres

Bill Brand

High jump open boys

153 cm

Cameron King

High jump 14 yr boys

141 cm

Golden Boot Parent/Teacher Relay Winners:

Parents - Anthony Glasson, Mitchell Kemp, Dan McInnerney, Chris Allen

Tug of War Winners:


Smoko Challenge:


Student Council Lolly Guess:

Ben McAuliffe (409 lollies in jar)

Injune Sports Day

WA Multischool

Multischool Term 3

After a fantastic Multischool in Term 1, students and teachers had been patiently awaiting the next event. With a forecast of fun and excitement ahead….(as well as 33 degrees!) Secondary students were excited to be boarding the bus and heading to Longreach for a week of learning, fun and adventure and to meet their classmates and teachers (old and new!) face to face.

Students experienced what it is like to be in a High School setting, changing rooms and teachers for different subjects and catching up with classmates at break times. Many students got hands-on experience with their subjects, dissecting animals in Agricultural Science, and being out in the sun learning new activities in Health and Physical Education. There were plenty of exciting activities once the school day was over with an Aqua Fitness class at the Longreach Pool, a visit to the Outback Stockman’s Hall of Fame, and Technology Session. The fun did not end once the sun went down, with even more fun and games at the local bowls club, trivia night, and our Celebration Dinner and disco. There were plenty of tears shed as we congratulated and said goodbye to students moving on next year.

This was the largest Western Alliance Multischool EVER! Our numbers have continued to grow since our last event which set records. 48 students out of 108 attended the event. This is an impressive result and reflects the hard work and dedication by students, teachers and parents that has gone into making the Western Alliance the success that it is. Thanks to all the parents and home tutor volunteers for your time during the week, it was a mammoth task to feed everyone during the week and with your continued support, Multischool cannot be the success that it has become. Thank you to all the staff and students who made the week one to remember!

MultiSchool Term 3
MultiSchool Term 3
Click images to enlarge
Sports Muster
Sports Muster
Click images to enlarge